About us - in numbers

Our achievements and results
840 USD million
The total price of successful suits and suits in progress
Over 150
publications and articles in professional and business editions
The overall size of analyzed land bank is
30 000 ha
30 000 ha and 15 contracts on the acquisition of agricultural infrastructure facilities
Repeatedly recognized
as the best team of authors and best authors by a leading legal edition LIGA
Legal support of projects in construction - total square of
400 000 м2
given annual construction in Kyiv is
1200 000 м2
criminal cases
have been closed based on exonerating grounds
Recommended by the international rating
LEGAL500 in the category «Dispute resolution» and «Real estate»
successfully completed judicial trials
  • 10% – tax disputes
  • 15% – criminal cases
  • 11% – disputes with banks
  • 7% – land disputes
  • 14% – family disputes
  • 43% – other disputes
Attraction of investments
11 contracts
construction projects in progress
Practical experience of participation in resonant cases
The 'Berkut' case
The 'Klichko v. Chernovetskyi' case on the abolition of land distribution in Kyiv for more than 70 billion UAH
Protection of Trade Union Property case for a total amount of UAH 10 billion 'Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine v. Federation of Trade Union of Ukraine'
The criminal case against the Head of the National Aviation University
The criminal case against one of the defendants in the 'Onischenko' case