Non-profit and non-governmental organisations

Non-profit and non-governmental organisations

The private sector in Ukraine absolutely cannot exist without interaction with the state. Public authorities and local governments directly or indirectly have a great influence on the development of the economy and society. At the same time, non-governmental, non-profit institutions play a special role in this system.

The public sector is still quite bureaucratic and a stable system, the interaction with which requires an understanding of the principles of its activities and decision-making. Non-profit organizations are more flexible in their activities.

The Goro legal team has experience of working with public authorities, non-profit organizations as advisors. We understand and in practice know the procedure of normative design and application of current legislation. Our portfolio includes successful implemented cases to support private and public sector cooperation. Our recommendations help clients make the right decision given the country's political realities.

Our lawyers will help you make an effective decision on all issues related to cooperation with public authorities and successful cooperation with non-governmental organizations.