Instruments and solutions

Non-standard solutions

We do not use templates, because we know that the situation of each of our customers is unique and requires a special approach. Based on many years of experience in solving complex issues in various industries, we offer only individual solutions, most relevant in each case.


We know how important the result is for our customers, and we know how to achieve it. Each member of our team, from the partner to the performer, is involved in the work on the solution of the problem and is responsible for the overall result. The ability to hear each other and act together allows us to find quick and quality solutions.

Speed of work

The company, like any living organism, can work effectively only in the condition of established internal processes. The automated system of accounting and control of tasks allows us to minimize the role of the human factor and optimize the work of the company. All this increases the speed of our work, while maintaining the quality of solutions.

Niche Specialization

We offer a range of legal services in Construction, Energy and Trade, Agricultural, Infrustructure and other areas . The staff of Goro Legal consists of experienced lawyers with extensive practice in the aforementioned fields, which allows us to consider your issues in a comprehensive manner and provide only competent solutions.

Solving complex, resonant cases

We are not afraid of resonant cases, because we know how to solve them. Separation of complex tasks into components allows us to consider issues in a comprehensive manner, taking into account every detail. The successful experience of the company's lawyers in complex projects of different specialization helps to effectively administer the process and achieve the best results.

Assistance in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are actively involved in building a sustainable and fair community in Ukraine. With an ethical focus on people, planet and business, we make a special effort to help our clients achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.