Kornev Ihor
Мanaging partner, Attorney at law
Goroshynskyi Oleksandr
Managing partner, attorney at law
Ovsii Dmytro
managing partner, attorney at law
Belaya Yana
Associated Partner, attorney at law
Vovchenko Anna
Associated partner
Ovsii Kateryna
Director of Business support area
Leshсhenko Yulia
Head of Intellectual Property, Patent Attorney №440
Romanchenko Aleksei
Director of regional Office, Attorney at law, bankruptcy commissioner
Bartashevich Artem
advisor to criminal law and tax departments, attorney at law
Myroslava Mosiuk
attorney at law, Director of healthcare area
Kuzina Ilona
Leading lawyer
Maryna Rizka
Leus Artem
Advisor on the criminal case
Legkikh Kirill
Advisor on the criminal case