Our values

Healthy spirit – in a healthy body 

A healthy lifestyle occupies a special place among the values ​​of our company. Employees of Goro legal regularly take part in international and Ukrainian marathons. In addition, we conduct open training for our employees, partners and customers. Our running club is not only about the desire for a healthy spirit, it is leisure, which is imbued with a friendly atmosphere and pleasant communication.

pro bono

We take an active part in the social life of the city and the country, supporting the activities of public organizations and activists in matters that are close to us and which concern us. We also provide legal support on a free basis for some non-profit associations. These include the Ukrainian Internet Business Association and the Ukrainian Association of Urban Planning.

Modern art

We support modern Ukrainian art by organizing exhibitions and art events. Our goal is, on the one hand, to help modern talents prove themselves, and on the other - to show our colleagues and partners Ukrainian art. Art events held by our company are aimed at popularizing Ukrainian creativity and young talents, as well as creating a platform for communication and recreation.


Supporting the needy is an important aspect of our activities. We are happy to be involved in helping orphanages and hospitals, as well as taking part in other charitable projects. By providing our support to those who really need it, we believe that we are changing this world for the better.