Our clients

PJSC HC Kyivmiskbud is the leader of the construction industry of Ukraine. The largest and most prominent real estate market operator, focused on the needs of middle-income citizens. The company is committed to ensuring maximum availability of its products to the widest range of consumers.
SOCAR Ukraine
The group of companies SOCAR Ukraine is an innovator of service solutions, a leading gas and oil trader, which develops wholesale and retail markets in Ukraine. Using a groundbreaking approach, based on high standards and value for doing business, SOCAR creates exceptional products and an atmosphere of their consumption, achieving the same level of service to all its customers.
METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine
METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine was founded in 2003. METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine is the largest German investor in Ukraine. The company's investment volume for the period from 2003 to 2016 exceeds 550 million euros. The company's sales in 2014/15 fiscal year amounted to more than 425 million euros (September 2014 - October 2015).
SAGA development
Development company SAGA development (former Riverside development) – one of the leaders of the capital construction market. The main goal of the company is to create a comfortable environment for all the. Outstanding projects: Rybalsky, New-York concept house, Chicago central house and others.
The company Agromars Complex (™ Gavrylivsky Kurshata) is engaged in a production of a high-grade chicken broilers.
Altis-Development focuses on development of investment projects in the field of residential and commercial construction, delivering a partial or a full set of developer services – from conceptual design to facility commissioning.
XXI Century
The company XXI Century is the leading Ukrainian developer. The company has been operating in the real estate sector since 1999. Since December 2005 it has been placed on the AIM LSE. XXI Century creates, develops and manages projects in Ukraine.
Private Joint-stock company Kyivoblenergo – is the energy company of Ukraine specializing in transmitting and delivering electricity to other countries. Kyivoblenergo is part of the energy security business of the Ukrainian commercial managing companies – VS Enerdzhi International Ukraine.
NOVUS UKRAINE – is a large chain of supermarkets, who has opened more than 30 modern stores in the past 6 years – with the area of trade halls from 800 m² to 8000 m². Today NOVUS stores operate in Kiev and Kiev region, Sevastopol and Cherkassy, Rivne and Rivne region, Mykolayiv, Ternopil and Zhytomyr region.
Stolitsa Group
Company SG (Stolitsa Group) – one of the leading developers on the Ukrainian market of dry and non- Stolitsa Group - the first Ukrainian company, is awarded the Century International Quality ERA in the field of development.
IT technologies and start-ups
LUN is a product IT company developing online real estate projects in Ukraine and abroad.
Apollo Group
The Apollo Group Company was founded in 2014. The first contract company, with 30 employees, concluded in December 2014. In less than six months, the Apollo Group achieved impressive sales of $ 20 million a month.
MERX is a furniture company with many years of experience in the domestic and international markets. Founded in 1993, the company has established a clear position of the leader in the furniture industry.
Government Sector
Communal enterprise Kyivpastrans – one of the largest transport utility companies in Ukraine, social carrier № 1. The enterprise is the property of the territorial community of Kyiv, which employs almost 10 thousand employees.
Agro Region
Agro Region was founded in 2002. Since 2007 – 100% Swedish investment. One of the most successful agro companies in Ukraine. It is in top 3 by crop yields and efficiency. Land bank is 37,000 ha in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr and Khmelnitsk regions. Main crops include corn, soy beans, wheat, sunflower, and barley. Strategic goal of the company is continuous improvement of product quality by using the latest technology, applying innovative approach in sowing and harvesting, and most importantly by investing in people. Creating a highly motivated environment inside the company and socially oriented development of the local communities is and will be our conscious approach to doing business in Ukraine