Debt collection

Debt collection

During a crisis, everyone is divided into 2 types: you are a debtor, you are a creditor. Our experience and expertise help to implement the most complex projects for the settlement of bad debts, both for the former and the latter.
In what cases is this issue relevant?

Debt settlement between legal entities

  • assistance in debt / advance collection for services rendered, work performed, delivered goods
  • assistance in the return of funds for poorly rendered services, work performed, delivered goods
  • loan assistance

Settlement of debt between individuals

  • receipt loan assistance 
  • debt recovery assistance arising from damage 

When an individual has debt obligations to a legal entity

  • loan assistance 

When a legal entity has debt obligations to an individual

  • salaries 
  • royalty debts
  • debts for services rendered, work performed 
  • dividends 
  • purchased but not transferred goods (apartment, car other) 

In the area of ​​litigation, GORO legal attorneys are recognized in most prestigious international ratings: Legal 500, WWL, Chambers, Benchmark litigation, Best lawyers.

GORO legal supports of complex and resonant cases:

  • with the formation of public opinion and the use of the media, 
  • interaction with friendly (partner) and hostile collectors, 
  • the imposition and withdrawal of arrest, 
  • conducting criminal proceedings. 

We help debtors in mediation of the dispute, accompanied by negotiations to minimize debt, delay the recovery, and drag out the lawsuit.

Problems that we solve
  • Collecting troubled debts from individuals and legal entities 
  • Pre-trial settlement of bad debts 
  • Judicial debt collection support
  • Support for the enforcement of a judgment
  • Comprehensive support for the repayment of debt from banks that are in the liquidation phase under the management of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • Complex repayment and collection of debts (full service)